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Flowery Shirts & Strange Relations


‘The eagerly anticipated sequel... a most entertaining play'

Although a much requested sequel to the NODA award winning Miniskirts & Revelations -“We want to know what happens next!” – this comedy/drama stands in its own right.


In Flowery Shirts & Strange Relations we see baby boomer Penny looking through her teenage diaries and back to the Autumn of 1968. We watch with her as the three generations at Greenfields’ Guesthouse – Grandma; widowed mother Chris; art-student Penny and biker brother Mick - approach the hippy era. We experience again the music, fashions and - some would say the laxer - morals of the time.


Is young Penny courting disaster as she throws herself into student unrest and peace protests – and into the arms of her Afghan-coat-wearing idol Derek?


What is disapproving Mum Chris not owning up to in her own private life?


Is Grandma being haunted – or losing her marbles?


Why does nosy Mr Parker keep choosing Fridays for his health inspections? Will the dreaded Aunty Doris turn up again? What’s Mick not telling us?


And the guests – has Mr Macgregor adopted more sanitary habits? Is Ivan ever going to find love? And most mysterious of all – exactly who is the unsettling Mr Carr and why has he come to stay at the Greenfield Family Guesthouse?


We never know what life will throw at us, nor how any of us will react when unexpected events hit home. You think you know your family? Present Day Penny shows us that you never can tell ...